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Gay & Conservative

A week ago, a friend of mine posted an open question to conservatives: “how many conservative positions must one hold on the issues in order to be considered a conservative?” But in order to answer that question, one must first define what a conservative is.

The conservatism I believe in is a combination of lower taxes, less government spending, freer trade, freer markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a strong anti-communist foreign policy.

I believe there are two forms of conservatism – fundamentalism and true conservatism. I see fundamental conservatism as a recent dogma; having become popular with the rise of the Christian Coalition and the religious right in the mid-80s. Now, while I am a religious person, I do not adhere to all of their dictates. Religion has been used as a weapon all throughout history. This is especially true with the case of slavery here in the United States.

Many have asked me how I can be gay, yet call myself a Republican or a conservative. To them, I say the answer is easy. It’s similar to answer I give to those who pose the same question about me being black and Republican. A long time ago, I looked at the issues on both sides of the political spectrum. While there are a few on the left I agree with, there are many more on the right that fit my belief structure.

To those who ask the black/Republican question, I ask, is it racist to say that all blacks look alike? I’ve yet to encounter one who says no to that question. I then quickly follow up with ‘then isn’t it equally racist to say we all think alike?’

To those who ask the gay/Republican question, I merely point to a rainbow flag and echo the mantra “strength through diversity.”

When it comes to marriage equality, I simply must repudiate any argument for not allowing gays to marry. If one truly wants to protect the sanctity of marriage, then the government should make it incredibly hard to get a divorce and outlaw annulments all together. If it’s a religious argument, then get the state completely out of the marriage business and only allow churches to marry. Then the state could provide civil unions or domestic partnerships to any who applied – gay and straight alike.

Fundamentalists bloviate because they want everyone to adhere to their way of life, forgetting that this is America where we hold certain truths to be self-evident. Phrases like religious freedom, and separation of church and state don’t fit into their small-minded worlds. They always go back to the Bible – often citing Leviticus, but forgetting passages like Matthew 5:10, John 13:34, and Psalms 129:2.

The Bible says many things, like it’s an abomination to eat shell fish or cut one’s hair. It also allows for man to beat his wife, but that is not acceptable practice today in America. It’s funny how like liberals with the Constitution, fundamentalists like to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to focus on. Yes, the Bible does condemn homosexuality. But I know that God made me in His image. He didn’t create me simply to condemn me to hell from the get go. The Bible also says an eye for an eye. And then there are the Ten Commandments. I recall that when DOMA was being pushed through Congress, the very ones who were vehemently championing the legislation were themselves guilty of violating several of the commandments.

If one truly believes in the foundations of America and our Constitution, and one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, then one must strive for just that – liberty and justice for all.


7 responses to “Gay & Conservative

  1. Tracy Coyle November 24, 2009 at 2:58 PM

    I too am gay and conservative. Let me offer some definitions: in the past (1700s), a Conservative was one that supported the King and society over the individual. A liberal, like our Founding Fathers, believe that the individual is sovereign and that the State and Society were subservient to the individual. We call those classical conservative and classical liberal positions. Like so many things, the meanings of some words has drifted. Today, the liberal believes the State has supremacy over the individual, that Society can dictate to the individual specific behaviors. See the problem? The social conservatives and the liberals SHARE the foundation of their beliefs – classical conservative. Meanwhile, many “C”onservatives focus on the Constitution and individual liberty and responsibility – classical liberal positions.

    In my opinion, a gay person that wants the freedom to live their life has no choice but to be a classic liberal, a “C”onservative – the left and the social conservative want to use gov to enforce behavior limitations on individuals – the direct opposite of our Founding.

    Re DOMA….I still consider it to be unConstitutional and some day, when it eventually gets to SCOTUS, it should be found as such.

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  3. brandonlk November 24, 2009 at 3:26 PM

    Where are the new testament references against gays and women? Leviticus being in the old testament doesn’t matter to me.

  4. Sarah Santos November 24, 2009 at 3:35 PM

    “The conservatism I believe in is a combination of lower taxes, less government spending, freer trade, freer markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a strong anti-communist foreign policy.”

    Lots of people feel that way. The problem is that the Republican Party does not.

  5. Fran Ward November 24, 2009 at 4:44 PM

    This was an incredible article. I am a Republican and a Christian and one of the few in my church who believes in marriage equality. You words echo how I feel about all of this but stated far better than I could ever say. Thank you and God Bless.

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  7. Lori Heine November 25, 2009 at 7:06 PM

    I’m gay and left-leaning libertarian. But as I have discovered, being any sort of a libertarian puts me at odds with the Gay Borg. They want to assimilate us all into their way of thinking.

    At various times I have nearly succumbed to this. I am very turned-off by the Taliban Republicanism of the “Religious” Right. But I live in a fairly conservative state, and know a lot of conservative people who do not deserve to be lumped into that category.

    The Magical Mystery Tour of Obama as Savior of the World is over for me. I bought into it for a while. I really was happy to see an African-American elected president — and I must admit, it still excites me to see the First Family and know that they’re making history in this way.

    I just wish Obama would actually do SOMETHING as president that I could agree with.

    Good to see this blog is in existence. I’ll be coming back to read it often. Keep up the good work!

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