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Transition Party: Blade –> Agenda

I was at the transition party from the Washington Blade to the DC Agenda last night, and I can say that everyone, while still down about what transpired with the Blade’s closing, was very upbeat and supportive.  There was a representative from the mayor’s office present, as well as folks from a cross-section of groups and organizations that represent various aspects of the community.

Lynne Brown & Kevin NaffMy friends, Publisher Lynne Brown and Editor Kevin Naff spoke to the crowd of about 100 last night at the Hard Rock Café in downtown DC.  They spoke of the outpouring of community support they had received in the few short days since the Blade’s closing.  They spoke of donated office space, web design, and pro-bono legal work that had been offered to them.

GMCW presents Brown with checkThe highlight of the evening was when the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, a major community organization, presented Brown with a check for a full page ad space on the back cover of the first issue of the DC Agenda, which is due to hit newsstands THIS Friday.

The Washington Blade may be dead, but the DC Agenda is moving forward!

You can also read more about this event over at my friend, Ty’s page.


One response to “Transition Party: Blade –> Agenda

  1. Andrew November 19, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    Wonderful news about the continuation of this publication and also the communities supportive response.

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