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The Phoenix from the Flame…after The Blade

It was with great joy that I read this morning that last week, what was supposed to be a tweet up tonight organized by the staff of the now-defunct Washington Blade, is going to be a launch party for their new venture!

Talk about a rolling stone…

On their NEW website http://savetheblade.com they have the following message:

After 40 years as the news source of record for the LGBT community, the Washington Blade ceased publication – November 16, 2009.

The staff of the paper remains united. We are planning the launch of a new publication that will bring you what we have always worked to deliver – gay news and information that is critical to our Metro DC LGBTQ Community.

A modest premiere issue of the new publication will be distributed in D.C. on Friday, November 20, 2009 and will also be available online here.

I am absolutely mesmerized that they intend to get an issue out this week, no matter how modest it will be.  That just shows the leadership of publisher Lynne Brown and editor Kevin Naff.

I hope to see everyone out tonight at the Hard Rock Cafe from 6p-8p to get a first glimpse of what’s to come.  Best of luck!


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