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Cigar Review: Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta Maduro Reserve Toro
6 x 50

This maduro-wrapped smoke was enjoyed last Wednesday afternoon around 3pm on my back patio.  Mother Nature continues to bestow onto me good favor even towards the middle of November.  I mean, we’re days away from Thanksgiving and it’s still hitting 70 at times here in DC.

This Dominican cigar offered up a charred, earthy flavor that was appealing to both the tastebuds and the nose.  It’s much more robust than the standard 1875 line — which is no slouch on its own.

It had a dark, rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  This was an above average cigar.  This cigar usually runs for ~$7 dollar a piece.  One of the things I love about any Romeo y Julieta I smoke is that they are all consistant.  Rarely do they disappoint.


It still continues to be a mild autumn here in the nation’s capital, and for that, I will continue to smoke on my back patio with reckless abandon.


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