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Cigar Review: Pleiades

Pleiades Paris Clemenceau
6 1/2 x 44

Smoked this mild cigar Sunday with @MattyCDC and @Ty_DC while sipping cocktails on my patio.  This Lonsdale started out very creamy and smooth, built in body significantly as it was smoked, and ended with a hint of spice, wood, and mocha.  All in all it was an average cigar.  This cigar usually runs for $5-6 dollar a piece.

Pleiades Clemenceau 6.62x44


It continues to be a mild autumn here in the nation’s capital, and for that, I will continue to smoke on my back patio with reckless abandon.


2 responses to “Cigar Review: Pleiades

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  2. Andrew November 15, 2009 at 11:13 PM

    I love your dedication to smoking cigars as long as you can on your patio.

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