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Part 1: November 3rd, The Spin (Virginia)

Good morning!  Yesterday was a very important day, politically speaking.  It often is, one year removed from the election of a new President.  There will be plenty of chatter today, tomorrow, next week, and well into the 2010 election cycle as a result of November 3, 2009.  I would like to offer up what I think that spin will be.

I may be on point, or simply talking out of my ass.  But I’ve seen this game before, and it goes something like this.

VIRGINIA (Republican pick up)bob_mcdonnell

McDonnell      58.7%
Deeds           41.3%

Republicans will say that this race was a referendum on Washington, DC & the tax-and-spend Democrats running Congress, as well as the Obama Administration.  They will point to the fact that for the first time in twelve years, Republicans swept all statewide offices.  They will counter Democrats efforts to paint Deeds’ loss as to running away from a popular president and managing a bad campaign by pointing to the fact that they did indeed swept all state races and increased their majorities in the House of Delegates.

Democrats will say many things, including aforementioned Obama popularity and running a poor campaign.  They will try to paint this as a sequel to the 2004 horror movie Evil Deeds.  They will also point to the fact that Deeds had a 3-way primary, where McDonnell had none, which allowed him to easily run towards the center.

Bottom Line: Deeds was babababa-bad…bad to the bone, and McDonnell was on message…non-stop!  McDonnell didn’t let the revelation of his college thesis derail him.  He stayed on message and said his opponent was going negative because he had nothing positive to offer except for raising taxes in the Commonwealth – a troubled spot for Deeds that just kept on giving.

McDonnell ran TV ads ad nauseam throughout Northern Virginia of Deeds taking questions from a reporter, first saying that he under no circumstances would race taxes, then almost in the same breath admitted that he would more than likely raise taxes.  That cost him dearly in Democrat-rich Northern Virginia.

An interesting twist from exit polls showed that 12% of Obama voters supported McDonnell, while just 5% of McCain voters went to Deeds.


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