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The special election taking place today in upstate New York, or “The North Country” as they call it has showed us a few things.  And more treats are still to come.

As a gay conservative, I have a varied since of beliefs.  I am not a single-issue voter.  While I am adamantly pro-life, I will support a pro-choice candidate, as long as their other issues line up properly.  I do believe in a big tent party.

dedeSo when Dede Scozzafava was selected as the Republican choice to replace now Army Secretary John McHugh, I was somewhat buoyed with the notion of another pro-gay Republican in Congress.  But a funny thing happened on the way to DC.  The more I heard about Dede, the less I liked her.

Yes, she seems an affable and charming lady.  But her policy stances weren’t anything close to mainstream Republican policies.  A partial list: pro-gay; pro-choice; supports tax increases; supports card-check.  Now it’s one thing to be a social moderate and still be a Republican as long as you are fiscally conservative.  Former Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT) comes to mind.  But Dede is both socially and fiscally liberal.  So why is there an R behind her name?  Because that was the only way she could get elected to the state legislature in the North Country.

Now that she has dropped out of the congressional race, and has endorsed the Democrat in the race, which now makes her a full blown RINO, she will be lucky if she doesn’t get primaried next year.  Or will she simply run as a Democrat?

But neither will likely happen, as less than 24 hours of dropping out, she met with Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (DCCC).  You see, Dede has always wanted to work at the State Department.  So I would not be surprised at all if she got some appointment in the coming weeks or months.


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