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Will the Conservative Movement Continue? Yes!

Irving Kristol was known has the godfather of the modern conservative movement.  He was the original neoconservative, a label he was given, and wore as a badge of honor.  Kristol didn’t see neo-conservatism as an ideology, but as a persuasion, a way of thinking about politics.

With the passing of Kristol two days ago, Jack Kemp four months ago, and William F. Buckley a year and a half ago, many of the true original thinkers of the conservative movement are now gone.  I am happy to say, however, that a new generation of young conservatives is stepping up not only to take their places, but also to expand and grow the movement.

You have young Congressmen like Paul Ryan (R-WI) who is the Ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Chief Deputy Republican Whip and Aaron Schock (R-IL) who is the youngest Member of Congress and the first to be born in the 1980’s.

Even more, there are younger ones grabbing the mantle of leadership.  Tommy Jardon is the new Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee.  Last week he spoke to the DC Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.  There, he talked about growing the party by offering ideas and solutions, not just saying “no” to President Obama.  He talked about growing the party by accepting people who agree on the issues 80% of the time.

While it is with sadness that we have lost many giants, new ones are being groomed.  And this pleases me!


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